#180 | Archive – 666 Serials


John Carter, born on 1987-08-21 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was conceived from his parents’ casual relationship. His mother used tight bandages to hide the child growing in her belly up until her forced marriage that soon followed. His parents lived in the same house, but they were practically separated. He is 6’1″ and 163 lbs. He is left-handed.

He had a strict religious upbringing. As a child he wanted to learn to dance. But his environment did not support him, claiming it was an unnecessary activity.

He looked down on his contemporaries. Although he was considered a bright kid, he wasn’t interested in studying, thus his grades weren’t good. At the age of 13 he witnessed an old lady being hit by a train. The sight of her deformed body fascinated him.

After high school he went to college where he studied psychology. At the age of 19 he supposedly set fire to a former classmate’s family home while they were on vacation, but he wasn’t proven guilty. He fell in love with a girl when he was 22 and asked her to marry him shortly after. A few months later the girl broke off the engagement, and the man could never truly recover.

At present he lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and he is unemployed. He can’t handle his own money so he is always struggling. He drives a blue Volvo. He randomly attends short courses to be in the company of others. People who know him describe him as weird.

He committed his first murder at the age of 23. Since then, he has committed 15 murders. His victims are young women. He looks for his victims in nearby towns at night, roaming deserted streets and alleyways. He likes to watch the blood splashing from his victims, so he uses an axe. His actions are the consequence of his deeply rooted inferiority complex. He doesn’t hide the corpses, but instead leaves objects around that mislead the police to suspect someone else. He often improvises.