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Jake Hussain, born on 1987-02-28 in Bakersfield, California. His mother was a nurse, his father was a night guard. He is 6’3″ and 156 lbs. He is left-handed.

According to the education he received, religion was to be despised to the extreme, and his strong receptivity to it resulted in shame throughout his childhood. As a child he wanted to learn to sculpt. But he wasn’t able to take lessons, and the autodidactic route didn’t prove successful.

He matured physically later, so he was a lot shorter than his classmates for most of his years in school. For him, school was hell itself. At the age of 14 he realized that he suffered from impotence, which degraded his self-esteem and social skills.

After high school he lived in run-down hotels, providing for himself with small-scale swindles. When he was 21 he was arrested multiple times for public indecency. He posted dating messages in the personal section of newspapers, but for him the real purpose of these dates was observing how the “lewd” women he met dressed, carried themselves, and spoke.

At present he stays in The Colony, Texas but he moves every few months, even to different states. He works at a construction site. He is not interested in his financial situation. He drives a purple Volkswagen. He randomly attends short courses to be in the company of others. People who know him describe him as gloomy.

He committed his first murder at the age of 26. Since then, he has committed 21 murders. His victims are young women. He doesn’t purposefully hunt for his victims, he just lets himself get carried away in the moment. He strangles his victims from the back using a rope. His actions are the consequence of his deeply rooted inferiority complex. After the murders he is taken over by deep remorse, so he cleans the bodies and fixes them in a way that they look as if they were sleeping. His methods are becoming more and more sophisticated and refined.