#219 | Archive – 666 Serials


Jacob Moses, born on 1984-04-21 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. His mother was a chemist, he never knew his father. He is 6’2″ and 191 lbs. He is left-handed.

He had a moderately religious upbringing. As a child he liked to write poems. While others considered him talented, with time he eventually lost his interest in it.

He was a daring kid, he questioned everything. He had excellent study results in the first years of school, but these began to drop later on. At the age of 15 he was overcome by pyromania, he set fire to anything he could get his hands on.

After high school he lived in run-down hotels, providing for himself with small-scale swindles. At the age of 19 he realized how much joy and confidence he experienced when he intimidated others, so he started carrying a knife and regularly flashing it to those who were physically weaker. He met a pair of twins once. He promised to marry one of them but in the end the three of them lived together for a short period of time in the house of the twins’ parents, who mysteriously disappeared.

At present he lives in a run-down house next to Kannapolis, North Carolina. He is not interested in his financial situation. He drives a purple Nissan. He has a small circle of friends whom he goes out with from time to time. People who know him describe him as intelligent.

He committed his first murder at the age of 27. Since then, he has committed 6 murders. He murders people whom he deems unintelligent. He picks up his victims by jumping out of his own car, even in broad daylight. He kills his victims from up close with a rifle. He is addicted to the adrenaline rush after committing a murder. He hides the corpses in wine barrels. He is more and more confident, therefore he becomes sloppy.