#284 | Archive – 666 Serials


Antonio Spears, born on 1983-02-12 in Odessa, Texas. His mother died giving birth, his father was an accountant. He is 5’5″ and 169 lbs. He is right-handed.

He had a permissive, atheist upbringing. As a child he liked to play the piano. Unfortunately he didn’t have any talent and according to him, he suffered a lot of humiliation because of it.

He stood out from his peers as he was significantly more mature than them. Going to school was difficult for him due to his anxiety. Thanks to his continuous absence from school, he often received bad grades. At the age of 12 the dog of one of his school friends was found dead. He did not get into trouble, but all the evidence pointed towards him, so his contemporaries excluded him.

After high school he eloped to the neighboring city where he lived homeless for several weeks. At the age of 19 he was admitted to a psychiatric unit after an aggressive episode. He often met older women in parks, casinos and theaters, who supported him financially for a longer or shorter period in return for favors.

At present he lives in one of the empty houses of a residential district in construction in Bakersfield, California. Mysteriously, he gets a ton of money some days, but he spends most of it in the course of just a few hours. He drives a red Kia. He always preferred being alone, but sometimes he likes the presence of strangers. People who know him describe him as weird.

He committed his first murder at the age of 27. Since then, he has committed 10 murders. His victims are hard to profile, he randomly murders women, men, children and elders alike. He hunts for his victims in run-down motels. He pours gasoline on his victims and gives them a lighter. He then proceeds to talk about killing their family members, telling them they can save them by simply lighting the fire. The sight of other people’s suffering causes him sexual pleasure. He hides the corpses in a forest and often returns to revisit them. His methods are becoming more and more sophisticated and refined.