#292 | Archive – 666 Serials


Kenneth Knight, born on 1986-06-02 in Bellevue, Washington. His conception is the result of a rape, his mother raised him alone. He is 5’7″ and 185 lbs. He is right-handed.

He often took advantage of the religiosity of his environment. As a child he dreamed of becoming an actor. But it was ridiculed by people in his life.

He was often aggressive with the smaller children. He would often leave for school and go somewhere else instead. At the age of 12 his contemporaries locked him up in the closet of an abandoned factory building, from which he was taken out only after 3 days, after being unconscious for hours.

After high school he tried to find a job in several places, but was always fired after a few months due to his difficult nature. When he was 21 he was arrested multiple times for public indecency. He met a woman with a similar background with whom he had a marital relationship for years. But one day when he came home he found his partner has committed suicide.

At present he lives in Riverside, California and has occasional jobs. While his financial situation is not objectively ideal, he doesn’t feel like he is short on anything. He drives a black Kia. Although people usually like him at first, he is unable to form meaningful friendships. People who know him describe him as unknowable.

He committed his first murder at the age of 27. Since then, he has committed 6 murders. His victims are hard to profile, he randomly murders women, men, children and elders alike. He posts job advertisements in newspapers and then decides the fate of the applicants on the spot: they either don’t get the job or don’t live to see another day. He kills his victims using a machete. He gets revenge on those who have a better life than him. He doesn’t try to hide the corpses in particular, he just simply leaves the scene of the crime when he is done. He keeps track of the investigation, so he knows when to lie low.