#319 | Archive – 666 Serials


Andre Hawkins, born on 1984-09-24 in Margate, Florida. He was born to hippie parents. His childhood was filled with traveling. All members of the traveling group were his ‘family’ yet at the same time, it felt like none of them were. He is 5’5″ and 182 lbs. He is right-handed.

He often took advantage of the religiosity of his environment. As a child he liked to write poems. But unfortunately he wasn’t persistent enough, and his enthusiasm faded with time.

He was quick-tempered. He easily angered himself over the smallest things. His grades were bad, studying was difficult for him. He sustained head injuries at the ages of 4 and 7. The latter injury, when he was hit by a cabinet, caused serious injuries to his frontal lobe. As a result, he suffered from epileptic seizures for years.

In the months after he finished high school he felt intoxicated. He felt as if a huge weight was taken off of him and he wished for even more freedom. At the age of 20 he joined a sect where practices such as predicting their future and holding seances were held, but the situation gradually got worse over time. Finally he was banned because of his boasting despite their confidentiality rules. He met a woman with a similar background with whom he had a marital relationship for years. But one day when he came home he found his partner has committed suicide.

At present he lives in Coral Springs, Florida and has occasional jobs. He is in a hopeless financial situation. He drives a gray Mazda. He randomly attends short courses to be in the company of others. People who know him describe him as distant.

He committed his first murder at the age of 26. Since then, he has committed 4 murders. He chooses his victims based on their first name, following the order of the ABC. He entices his victims online, connecting over a common interest. His favorite weapon is the machete. At first he only makes small cuts with it but he uses his entire strength to make deeper cuts later on. He is intoxicated by the fact that people talk about his murders, not knowing he is the one committing them. He taxidermies the corpses and lives with them. His method is characterized by sloppy professionalism.