#471 | Archive – 666 Serials


Victor Forsyth, born on 1992-09-10 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He was conceived from his parents’ casual relationship. His mother used tight bandages to hide the child growing in her belly up until her forced marriage that soon followed. His parents lived in the same house, but they were practically separated. He is 6’2″ and 180 lbs. He is right-handed.

He had an extremist religious upbringing. He was prohibited from contact with any members of the opposite sex; according to the teachings he received, all of them were satanic beings. As a child he dreamed of becoming an actor. However, he was convinced that he would never be any good at it, so he never even told anyone.

He made several attempts to make friends but never succeeded. He was great at seeing connections, but his memory was poor which clearly impacted his grades. At the age of 12 his contemporaries locked him up in the closet of an abandoned factory building, from which he was taken out only after 3 days, after being unconscious for hours.

After high school he eloped to the neighboring city where he lived homeless for several weeks. At the age of 21 he visited a psychiatrist because of his increasing mental problems. Here, he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. However, he was unwilling to accept any help since he considered his mental examination to be unprofessional. When he was 23 he met a woman whom he married after 11 months. She is unaware to this day of her husband’s secret identity.

At present he stays in a van at the outskirts of Beavercreek, Ohio, but he relocates in the state quite often. He is not interested in his financial situation. He drives a white Kia. He randomly attends short courses to be in the company of others. People who know him describe him as curious.

He committed his first murder at the age of 26. Since then, he has committed 23 murders. His victims are children, sometimes young women. He picks up his victims by jumping out of his own car, even in broad daylight. He kills his victims with a baseball bat as he finds it a less suspicious weapon. He looks down on everyone and considers his actions to be a favor to the world. He dismembers the corpses and gets rid of their pieces one by one. His method is ceremonial in nature.