#513 | Archive – 666 Serials


Julian Ball, born on 1985-08-19 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. His mother was a Kindergarten teacher, he never knew his father. He is 6’1″ and 180 lbs. He is left-handed.

He received an education with no focus on morality, and was often exposed to the world of drugs and prostitution. As a child he wanted to learn to play the violin. But unfortunately his financial circumstances did not allow this.

He entered primary school 1 year later, so he felt that he was lagging behind. His grades were bad, studying was difficult for him. At the age of 14 he realized that he suffered from impotence, which degraded his self-esteem and social skills.

In the years after he finished high school he got himself into loads of debt. He didn’t have a job, and he borrowed money from anyone he could. At the age of 19 he supposedly set fire to a former classmate’s family home while they were on vacation, but he wasn’t proven guilty. He posted dating messages in the personal section of newspapers, but for him the real purpose of these dates was observing how the “lewd” women he met dressed, carried themselves, and spoke.

At present he has accommodated himself in a water tower outside of Lowell, Massachusetts, accessible from the city’s sewer system and he works in the kitchen of a nearby diner. He is not interested in his financial situation. He drives a gray Volvo. He has only a few friends. People who know him describe him as impatient.

He committed his first murder at the age of 25. Since then, he has committed 20 murders. He murders people whom he deems unintelligent. He often circles around with his car for hours to find an ideal victim to whom he can offer a ride. He shoots his victims in the stomach and watches as they bleed out. According to him a voice inside his head incites him to do his deeds. He doesn’t try to hide the corpses in particular, he just simply leaves the scene of the crime when he is done. Paranoia is slowly taking over him so he becomes more and more dangerous.