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Herman Greer, born on 1991-09-01 in Edmond, Oklahoma. His mother had an affair at a very young age with a married man who had no kids. A few days after his birth, his mother left him in front of the man’s family home. The man confessed everything to his wife, who soon became the baby’s stepmother. He is 5’5″ and 176 lbs. He is right-handed.

He was always very receptive of religious teachings, even though religion did not play an important part in his education. As a child he wanted to learn to play the piano. But unfortunately his financial circumstances did not allow this.

He was often aggressive with the smaller children. Almost without learning, he always managed to do well in his classes with minimal effort. At the age of 11 he buried a cat alive. Everybody believed the animal to be lost, but the truth was only revealed years later.

After high school he lived in run-down hotels, providing for himself with small-scale swindles. When he was 21 he attempted to lure a boy to his apartment. He was stopped by a police officer who was out of service, suspicious of the unfolding situation, however – since nothing unlawful really happened – the officer was forced to let him go. After a few unsuccessful attempts he didn’t seek to have a romantic relationship.

At present he lives in his car. He can’t handle his own money so he is always struggling. He drives a black Toyota. He has a friend whose family he visits as often as he can. He is the godfather of the friend’s son. People who know him describe him as serious.

He committed his first murder at the age of 24. Since then, he has committed 5 murders. He singles out lonely men and women who often live alone. He pretends to be a door-to-door salesman and thus acquaints himself with his victim’s environment. Initially he used to strangle his victims with his bare hands, but because of the wounds and bruises his victims caused on his hands as they tried to defend themselves, he started using a rope instead. He is practically blacked-out during the murders. After the murders he is taken over by deep remorse, so he cleans the bodies and fixes them in a way that they look as if they were sleeping. He leaves a ton of clues every time to increase the chances of him getting caught.