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Roy Hagen, born on 1985-01-17 in West Jordan, Utah. He was the fifth born child in a family of 8 children. His parents couldn’t provide for all the children, so at the age of 4, he and his siblings were taken away by child protection services. All of the children were placed in different orphanages, so he didn’t see his siblings after they were separated. He is 5’7″ and 156 lbs. He is right-handed.

He had a strict, authoritarian upbringing. Apart from mandatory activities, he was kept locked in the house. As a child he liked to sing. While others considered him talented, with time he eventually lost his interest in it.

He was a daring kid, he questioned everything. His grades were mostly good. At the age of 13 he witnessed an old lady being hit by a train. The sight of her deformed body fascinated him.

After high school he received living accommodations from the elderly owner of a small shop. In return he would work as a cashier in the shop. At the age of 18 he practically ended his relationship with everyone he knew before. He posted dating messages in the personal section of newspapers, but for him the real purpose of these dates was observing how the “lewd” women he met dressed, carried themselves, and spoke.

At present he lives in Watsonville, California where he works as a workingman. Mysteriously, he gets a ton of money some days, but he spends most of it in the course of just a few hours. He drives a green Ford. Although people usually like him at first, he is unable to form meaningful friendships. People who know him describe him as apathetic.

He committed his first murder at the age of 24. Since then, he has committed 8 murders. He singles out lonely men and women who often live alone. He entices his victims online, connecting over a common interest. He kills his victims from up close with a rifle. He considers himself an entity above any man and believes that it is his decision whether someone should live or die. He buries the corpses. His method is ceremonial in nature.