#78 | Archive – 666 Serials


Thomas Ruiz, born on 1988-06-02 in Pearland, Texas. He grew up in an orphanage. He is 5’5″ and 178 lbs. He is right-handed.

He had a strict religious upbringing. As a child he liked to do magic tricks. But unfortunately he wasn’t persistent enough, and his enthusiasm faded with time.

He was a shy kid. He often fell asleep in his classes. He was never able to pay attention due to his lack of sleep. He tried to keep it a secret, but he used to wet the bed until the age of 13, and tried to stay awake at night in order to avoid humiliation. At the age of 12 the dog of one of his school friends was found dead. He did not get into trouble, but all the evidence pointed towards him, so his contemporaries excluded him.

In the years after he finished high school he got himself into loads of debt. He didn’t have a job, and he borrowed money from anyone he could. At the age of 19 he supposedly set fire to a former classmate’s family home while they were on vacation, but he wasn’t proven guilty. After a few unsuccessful attempts he didn’t seek to have a romantic relationship.

At present he spends his days in the old barn of a neglected farm next to Bentonville, Arkansas and helps the owner with work around the farm in return. He is in a bad financial situation. He drives a white Volkswagen. He has a friend whose family he visits as often as he can. He is the godfather of the friend’s son. People who know him describe him as gloomy.

He committed his first murder at the age of 23. Since then, he has committed 4 murders. He murders people who look old or ill, as he thinks they don’t have much time left. He usually attempts to evoke sympathy in his victims; he asks for help and then he takes the first opportunity. He likes classic horror movies so he uses a chainsaw to kill his victims, despite its volume. According to him a voice inside his head incites him to do his deeds. He doesn’t try to hide the corpses in particular, he just simply leaves the scene of the crime when he is done. He is starting to get bored of his current methods, so he is considering doing something bigger.